10 Weird and Wacky Donuts from Around the World

Glazed donuts? Just dandy. Raspberry-filled? Sounds good! Dried pork and cheese? Uh… Sure! These crazy confections climb to new heights of sweet, savory, and strange, and for the food adventurer, they’re curiosities just waiting to be sampled. The melt-in-your-mouth texture of donuts combines with the sometimes savory, sometimes spicy flavor of these wacky concoctions. Which of these donuts would you dare to try?

Italian Spice and Cheese Donut Photo by Aravind Kumar

Photo by Aravind Kumar


Blueberry Balsamic Donuts Photo from Food Trippin'

Photo from Food Trippin’


Dried Pork and Cheese Donuts Photo by Italian Fusion

Photo by Italian Fusion


Mochi Ring Donuts Photo by Qilai Shen

Photo by Qilai Shen


Fried Egg, Bacon, and Donut Burger

 Photo from Food Network


Pork and Seaweed Donuts Photo by Jon Siegel

Photo by Jon Siegel


Garlic and Cheese Donuts Photo by Eat Logs

Photo by Eat Logs


Wasabi Cheese Donut Photo from CBS Local

Photo from CBS Local


Durian Donut Photo by Patchow

Photo by Patchow


BBQ Pulled Pork Donut Sandwich

Photo from That’s Nerdalicious


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