5 Bizarre Household Uses for Vodka

Everyone over 21 knows vodka is good for jello shots, good times, and bad decisions, but did you know that it can have really neat and helpful uses around the house too? Crack open a low-end bottle (or finish off the rest of one some day) by utilizing it in one of these bizarre, but useful, little tricks.

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Odor Remover
As shown on MythBusters, a solution of vodka and water works as an remover for all kinds of unpleasant smells, from lingering cigarette smoke to sweat. Freshen up clothes between washing by misting it with a bit of your vodka solution and let it dry. It kills the odor-causing bacteria and dries scent-free!
(Soaking your feet in a vodka can actually help remove odor problems there too!)

Glass Cleaner
A solution of vodka and water makes a perfect glass cleaner! For an easy, streak-free shine, just combine vodka and water in a spray bottle and wipe away. This also works for cleaning eye glasses, though if you have special lenses, it may not be recommendable.

Homemade Extracts
With vodka and a few other flavorings, you can make your own extracts at home! Vanilla extract is one of the most popular, but you can make peppermint, almond, and more. Here’s a helpful guide on How to Make Homemade Vanilla Extract!

Need your hands sanitized quickly? Just wash your hands up with a little liquid courage. Vodka helps kill bacteria which makes it useful for whatever other anti-bacterial needs you have too. You can even kill the bacteria that attacks cut flowers by adding a bit of vodka to the water, giving you fresher flowers for longer!

Natural Astringent
Dab a cotton ball in a little bit of vodka, and you’ve got yourself a super inexpensive facial astringent! As with traditional store bought astringent, it should help clean your skin and tighten your pores.

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