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10 Most Bizarre Halloween Candies Ever

These weird novelty candies are definitely not what the kids will be expecting when they trick or treat. From foie gras-flavored bubble gum to gummy body part sushi, twisted sweets like these are sure to delight and confuse. Check out a few of these spectacularly bad choices for Halloween candy, and have a Happy Halloween night yourself!

Foie Gras Bubble GumFoie Gras Bubble Gum


Zombie Blood BagsZombie Blood Bags


Orange Flavored Lincoln HeadsOrange Flavored Lincoln Heads


Body Part Sushi GummiesBody Part Sushi Gummies


Meatball Bubble GumMeatball Bubble Gum


Gummy Tape WormsGummy Tape Worms


Box of Boogers Gummy CandiesBox of Boogers Gummy Candies


Grillz CandyGrillz Candy


Bacon MintsBacon Mints


Dill Pickle PopsDill Pickle Pops


Photo Credits: Inspired Mrs. Stevens, Perpetual Kid, Daily Finance, Jenny’s Just Desserts, Chloe Loe Photography, CNBC, Obsessive Sweets, Cherie Noir


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