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7 Bizarre Flavors of Japanese Gum

If you want to go somewhere with the most bizarre and extreme flavors in the world, look no further than Japan! Sure, other countries try their hardest to compete – from the Spaghetti and Cheese Ice Cream of Italy to American Milk Vodka – but in almost every arena, Japan takes the cake (or in this case, the gum!) Check out this fascinating flavors of chewing gum available across the sea!

If you’ve ever seen fruit and thought, “If only there were more pepper on this!” you’re in luck! This curious Japanese gum combines the freshness of fruit with the spice of black pepper.


Want to smell like you’ve been drinking without any of the euphoria? Pop this Xylish Platinum Gum in your mouth and enjoy the alcoholic flavor of Chardonnay while staying completely sober.


Feeling small-breasted? No problem! Don’t let genetics get to you; just try some of this “Bust Up” gum for women and you can be the biggest chested broad in town!


Unlike what the name suggests, this gum is meant to combat man smell – not exude its meaty essence. This gum is supposed to imbue smelly men with its scent all over, leaving them smelling like a rose!


Hate popping Viagra in its inconvenient pill form? Try it in the chewable form! This Japanese gum claims to do all the same wonders that Viagra does in a form much more pleasing to the Violet Beauregards of the world.


No one brushes their teeth as much as they should, but just pop a piece of “No Time” gum in your mouth, and let your chewing do the brushing for you! Or at least, that’s what they claim.


This super-caffeinated gum is called “Black Black” because of it’s charcoal-like color. It’s actually gained a decent amount of popularity in the US, too, because any gum endorsed by Jean Claude Van Damme has to be good, right?


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