Featured Food Blog: Feeding My Folks

[sws_picture_frame13 src=”” title=”” alt=”” align=”sws_frame_left” lightbox=”” album=”album” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame13] Name: Stephen
Name of blog: Feeding My Folks
Twitter: @FeedingMyFolks
Location: New Jersey

How would you describe your culinary style?
It’s hard for me to choose a specific culinary style because I get excited by so many different flavors. I’m like a kid in a food filled candy shop who can’t decide what to get…so I try everything! If I bundled together all my recipes, it would definitely be eclectic. I love variety.


What is the main source of inspiration for your recipes?
Color inspires me. The experience of walking through a market and seeing all the different fruits, veggies, and other foods…well, when they visually jump off the shelf, I’m inspired to take them home and cook! I love food with bursts of color. Another inspiration for my recipes is the “title” of the dish. I’m a literary nerd, so alliteration and word play makes me excited to create new recipes (for example: parmesan parsnip potato puree, B.L.Brie, etc). I’ll raid the pantry/fridge, see an ingredient, think of what words sound good with it, and then experiment with those flavors. It sounds dorky, but that’s what gets me inspired.

If you could have one food while stranded on a desert island, what would it be? 
At first I was going to say chickpeas (since I eat some kind of chickpea dish daily), and although I can’t get enough of those little guys, I wouldn’t last long on a deserted island without some great quality bread. My entire life I’ve been a HUGE bread-fiend. The crunchy exterior and soft, pillowy center makes my mouth water. It’s basically a way of life for me! Hello, my name is Stephen, and I am a bread addict!

[sws_picture_frame13 src=”” title=”” alt=”” align=”sws_frame_right” lightbox=”” album=”album” video=””] [/sws_picture_frame13]For someone new to your blog, which recipe do you recommend they try first? 
If you are new to my blog, definitely check out my recipes for:

What is your ultimate guilty food pleasure? 
My guilty food pleasure has always been nachos. It’s a comfort food that I absolutely love, and if I had a super fast metabolism, you better believe that I’d eat nachos every day. If for some reason I don’t have a plate of this Tex-Mex goodness, I fall into a funk and no other food can satisfy me. Nachos are my best pick-me-up. You seriously can’t go wrong with layers of gooey cheese, crisp tortillas, spicy salsas, and creamy beans.

Define Yummly.
Yummly is community of foodies where all our recipes, food cravings, ideas, inspiration, and craziness can come together in a user-friendly, searchable index. If you need a last minute recipe, you will definitely find what you’re looking for (and more) on one of the Yummly pages.