Flaky, Flavorful Empanadas to Get Your Hands on

Empanadas, also known as pastelillos, pastelitos, empanadillas, and hand pies, are a popular Latin American hand-held pastry that can be made sweet or savory. They come in many different shapes and sizes, though traditionally they are baked or fried into half-moon shapes with crimped edges. While they’re small and great for use as appetizers or dessert, depending on the filling, they are also enjoyed as main courses, too!

Sweet & Spicy Beef Empanadas (from Droolfactor)Sweet & Spicy Beef Empanadas


Turkey Empanadas (from Obviously Omnivore)Turkey Empanadas


Mini Pulled Pork Empanadas (from The Meatwave)Mini Pulled Pork Empanadas


Sweet Corn and Cheese Empanadas (from The Alchemist Chef)Sweet Corn and Cheese Empanadas


Empanadas de Mejido (from TS Tasty Bits)Sweet Custard, Cheese, and Raisin Empanadas


Beef Pastry Pies (from I Cook for Sanity)Beef Pastry Pies


Caramel Peach Hand Pies (from It’s Not Easy Eating Green)Caramel Peach Hand Pies


Chicken Empanadas (from Ivory Pomegranate)Chicken Empanadas


Chorizo Empanadas (from Cantaloupe Alone)Chorizo Empanadas


Banana Nutella Empanadas (from Life’s Too Short to Skip Dessert)Banana Nutella Empanadas


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