Featured Food Blog: Rosa’s Yummy Yums

Name: Rosa
Name of blog:  Rosa’s Yummy Yums
Twitter: @RosasYummyYums
Location: Switzerland

How would you describe your culinary style?
My style could be categorized as fusion, casual/laid back, rock’n’roll, audacious, traditional, old-fashioned/retro, healthy, seasonal and terroir. I love exotic flavors and classic dishes.

What is the main source of inspiration for your recipes?
I am inspired by various sources such as my imagination, the fantastic produces that we find here in Switzerland and neighboring France, magazines (mostly American, British, Swiss and French), blogs, cookery sites, cookbooks, TV programmes and both my very much missed Swiss as well as English grandmothers. Food is my passion, so I’m always in search of inspiration wherever possible.

If you could have one food while stranded on a desert island, what would it be? 
That is a very difficult question as I love so many things that not only one dish or speciality comes to mind. Anyway, I guess I’d have to choose cheese (with homemade bread) as it is very versatile, orgasmically flavorful, a real delicacy and can be savored just like a good wine.

For someone new to your blog, which recipe do you recommend they try first? 
Once again, that is a tough question as I only blog about recipes which I consider worth sharing and trying. Nonetheless, I recommend the following starters, main courses and desserts: Drop Dead Chocolate CakeStir-Fried Duck And Mangetout Peas In Black Bean Sauce, Tahini Pomegranate And Coriander Potato Salad and Victoria Sandwich

What is your ultimate guilty food pleasure? 
Any devilishly luscious cake with a rich frosting/buttercream, seasonal trifle, smooth fresh bread (sweet or savory), buttery cookie, ambrosial fruit tart or fresh, chocolaty, gooey or lemony dessert. Baked treats and sweet courses are simply irresistible! I must admit that I also feed an addiction for Nutella and peanut butter…

Define Yummly.
Yummly is an amazing and fun place where one can find wonderful links to droolworthy recipes and fantastic blogs! A gourmet universe of its own and a paradize for foodies.