Yummly’s Friday Food Roundup

Happy 2012! It’s the first week of the new year, and we kicked it off with great, easy recipes for any day. If you partied a little too hard on New Year’s (or any other day), these Bloody Mary recipes are for you! And for those ready to kick-start a year of delicious homemade foods, check out these delicious, budget-friendly ground beef recipes or darling dumplings you can enjoy for any number of occasions. Any way you go, you’ll start off the new year fantastically with the great recipes featured this week!

1. Best Budget-Friendly Ground Beef Recipes – Cheap, easy ground beef recipes for any night of the week.

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2. 10 Fattiest Fast Foods in America – What fast food options are a guilty treat, and which ones will utterly destroy your diet?

3. 10 Darling Dumpling Recipes – Whether you eat them as appetizers, snacks, or a main course, these dumplings are sure to please!

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4. 9 Most Useless Kitchen Gadgets – Culinary technology that will just clutter up your kitchen drawers.

5. Spicy Bloody Marys to Cure Your New Year’s Hangover – Shake away the grogginess by fixing yourself a fine Bloody Mary!

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