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Food is one of the most social experiences we have. Yummly has been pioneering recipe search & discovery, and has seen tremendous success doing so – with over 4 million monthly unique visitors after just over a year from launch. To further recipe discovery, we’ve always known that deeper social integrations would be required.

Yummly is excited to be among the first apps launching for Facebook Timeline. Now you’ll be able to add your Yummly activities directly to your Timeline, and share two key food actions with your Facebook friends. First, you can ‘Yum’ recipes when they look or sound great. Second, you’ll be able to tell your friends what you’re making with the ‘I’m Cooking’ button.

These actions can be seen by your friends as they happen on the Facebook ticker, and will be saved for you in the Yummly app – creating one of the first social recipe boxes on the web.

Not only will this be great for people on Facebook, it will be an incredible boost for the food bloggers whose recipes now appear on Yummly. One of the biggest struggles for these great sites is being discovered. Small publishers such as David Leite of Leite’s Culinaria and Jennifer Segal of Once Upon a Chef will now have great opportunities for social discovery through Yummly and Facebook.

Yummly’s integration with Facebook will make food more social than ever as we continue our efforts to pioneer recipe discovery. We hope everyone loves this new integration

You can start using these features immediately.

Here are two of many great recipes on Yummly from David Leite and Jennifer Segal that you can ‘Yum’ right now!

Warm Chicken with Green Beans and Chard (from Leite’s Culinaria)Warm Chicken with Green Beans and Chard  


Chocoholic Muffins (from Once Upon a Chef)Chocoholic Muffins