Gourmet Grains with Sugar, Spice, and Everything Rice

Sugar and spice makes rice extra nice! From sweet vanilla rice pudding to crispy, savory fried rice, these grains are not to be subjected to a bit part in any meal. A piping hot, steamy bowl of plain white rice is good, but grilled to a crisp with seaweed and spices or tossed into a cheesy casserole, it’s so much better.  With these recipes, you’ll never have a boring bowl of rice again!


Brown Rice and Black Eyed Pea Pilaf (from Curry and Comfort)Brown Rice and Black Eyed Pea Pilaf


Vanilla Rice Pudding (from Cooking for Seven)Vanilla Rice Pudding


Shrimp Fried Rice (from The Hungry Giant)Shrimp Fried Rice


Wild Rice Cranberry Soup (from Carpe Season)Wild Rice Cranberry Soup (from Carpe Season)


Thai Sticky Rice and Mango (from Indochine Kitchen)Thai Sticky Rice and Mango



Dirty Rice and Cajun Halibut (from Arctic Garden Studio)Dirty Rice and Cajun Halibut


Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice (from Taste Hong Kong)Lotus Leaf Wrapped Rice


Brown Rice Mushroom Pilaf (from Gourmandelle)Brown Rice Mushroom Pilaf


Sweet Yellow Rice (from Veganlovlie)Sweet Yellow Rice



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