Featured Food Blog: Extra Virgin Chef

Name: Luan
Name of blog: Extra Virgin Chef
Twitter: @extravirginchef
Location: Singapore

How would you describe your culinary style?
I am big on fresh ingredients and and aim to minimise processed food. I’m very open to learning any type of new and foreign cuisines. I want to experience new palate sensations and “retrain” my taste buds.

What is the main source of inspiration for your recipes?
I would say a combination of my Chinese culture and my Western upbringing when I was exposed to Western influence through the media.

If you could have one food while stranded on a desert island, what would it be? 
It would have to be coconut, as I can get refreshing and tasty water from it, energy from the flesh, and it grows and multiplies very quickly, especially on an island.

For someone new to your blog, which recipe do you recommend they try first? 
For someone who’s never cooked before, I would say do the baked chicken with basil. It will impress the heaven out of your guests, they would never know it was so easy. For someone who’s never baked before, try the banana tea bread recipe – it’s easy, delicious, rewarding, and almost instant gratification.

What is your ultimate guilty food pleasure? 
Carbo! A bowl of piping hot noodles to slurp is my real comfort food, especially in harsh winter and when away from family. But I feel bad that it’s not a balanced diet, since it’s usually 90% carbo!

Define Yummly.
This is what the word Yummly means to me: food that when put in the mouth evokes memories of a certain time in your life; or a taste that immediately relaxes you, brings a smile to your face, you enjoy the company of those around you, and for at least the duration of the meal, there’s just food and friends and that’s your life!