Featured Food Blog: Passionate About Baking

Name: Deeba Rajpal
Name of blog: Passionate About Baking
Twitter: @vindee
Location: India

How would you describe your culinary style?
Baking is my passion, and since I blog from India where lots of ingredients are hard to come by, my mantra is ‘Doing It From Scratch’. I am a locavore and like to keep a check on my carbon footprint. For a while now I have been practically obsessed with baking with seasonal fruit, and also using fruit in desserts. I enjoy food styling too, so I love doing individual portions be it main meals or desserts.

What is the main source of inspiration for your recipes?
My recipes are inspired by seasons, the colours that come with it, and then the ingredients on hand. I am the ‘Queen of substitutes’ as my friends call me. Summer for me is practically ruled by stone fruit and my love for it. Roasted Plum & Peach Ice CreamGerman Plum Cake {Pflaumenkuchen}Bittersweet Chocolate MarquisePlum Almond Ginger Summer Fruit CakeStone Fruit Tea Cake to name a few! Food blogs and foodie sites are also a constant source of inspiration. I am amazed at the creativity on the net. Oh yes, macarons are a constant source of inspiration too. You can see an amazing bunch of mac-passionate folk at my co-hosted blog MacTweets!

If you could have one food while stranded on a desert island, what would it be? 
Freshly baked garlic bread with cheese! Though I bake and blog a load of desserts, I have quite a savoury tooth. Garlic is one of my fave flavours, soft homemade cheese a close second.

For someone new to your blog, which recipe do you recommend they try first? 
I think I would pick the Chocolate Buttermilk Pound Cake. It’s a simple, delicious, no-fail recipe and is very adaptable. Don’t like chocolate, make the Lime Buttermilk version, a Blueberry Lime Buttermilk one, or go the orange route! It tastes great as just a vanilla pound cake, a vanilla-chocolate chip pound cake, or a coffee chocolate-chip. The possibilities are endless!

What is your ultimate guilty food pleasure? 
Vietnamese Coffee Ice Cream {from The Perfect Scoop by David Lebovitz} since coffee is my greatest weakness. Coffee in any form … latte, flat white, espresso, cappuccino, hot, cold, in cookies, cake, ice cream … I could go on & on!

Define Yummly.
Inspiring and amazing! I love the search options …  just too cool!






Photo: Passionate About Baking