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Creepy Black Cats, Bats, and Rats for a Haunted Halloween

Yowling black cats, scurrying rats, and eerie hooting owls are all essential parts of a haunted Halloween.  These mysterious, magical creatures are engrained in lore as magical companions to witches and wizards, and are used in alchemy and potions to create all kinds of curious concoctions.  Here, they’re recreated in cookies, cakes, and candies, and are sure to be a sweetly spooky addition to your Halloween table!

Black Cat Truffle Pops (from Hungry Halloween)Black Cat Truffle Pops


Red Berry Chocolate Cupcakes (from 6 Bittersweets)Red Berry Chocolate Cupcakes


Batty Battenburg Cake (from Sprinkle Bakes)Batty Battenburg Cake


Werewolf Cupcakes (from Annie’s Eats)Werewolf Cupcakes


Oreo Cakester Bats (from the decorated cookie)Oreo Cakester Bats


Owl Cupcakes (from Chocolate Shavings)Owl Cupcakes


Mini Halloween Cookies (from Flour on Her Nose)Mini Halloween Cookies


Bat Cupcakes (from cute and delicious)Bat Cupcakes


Devilish Cherry Chocolate Mice (from Elle’s New England Kitchen)Devilish Cherry Chocolate Mice


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