Taste the Rainbow with These Colorful Recipes

Who doesn’t love a good rainbow?  Sure, some love them more than others, but there’s something about seeing a shimmering spectrum soaked in sunlight and stretched out across a pale blue sky that’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.  If you can capture that ecstatic surprise with just a few drops of food coloring, why not give it a try?  These rainbow desserts are perfect for birthdays, special occasions, and rare treats!  Serve up a slice of rainbow and you’re sure to earn smiles enough to spare.


Rainbow Pancakes (from Sweetnicks)Rainbow Pancakes


Rainbow Cookies (from hungry rabbit)Rainbow Cookies


Rainbow Cake (from Kitchen Grrrls)Rainbow Cake


Rainbow Cherry Jigglers (from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen)Rainbow Cherry Jigglers


Rainbow Jello (from Glorious Treats)Rainbow Jello


Rainbow Macaroons (from baking.love)Rainbow Macaroons


Rainbow Cupcakes (from CosmoCookie)Rainbow Cupcake


Rainbow Popsicles (from Kitchen Corners)Rainbow Popsicles


Rainbow Cake Balls (from SugarDerby)Rainbow Cake Balls


Rainbow Pudding (from Make and Takes)Rainbow Pudding


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