Spiked Coffees to Cure Your Hangover

Coffee cocktails might seem like a curious concoction, but the combination of caffeine and booze has been around for a while – Red Bull Vodka, Four Loko – and is still on the rise.  Drinks like these are particularly beloved amongst their fans because they keep a fun night rolling without sobering you up enough to lose your buzz.  Try one of these crazy kicked-up coffees today!

Guinness Extra Stout Floats (from the fresh fridge)Guiness Extra Stout Floats


Espresso Shots (from The Italian Dish)Espresso Shots


Espresso Martini Jelly Shots (from Jelly Shot Test Kitchen)Espresso Martini Jelly Shots


Frozen Kahlua Mocha Latte (from The Urban Baker)Kahlua Mocha Latte


Espresso Martini (from Cafe Lynnylu)Espresso Martini


Kahlúa Café (from Muy Bueno Cookbook)Kahlúa Café


Bombardino-Calimero (from 12 Bottle Bar)Bombardino-Calimero


Chocolate Layered Espresso Jellies (from The Galley Gourmet)Chocolate Layered Espresso Jellies


Coffee & Kahlua Popsicles (from The Kitchenarian)Coffee & Kahlua Popsicles


Affogato al Cafe (from A Spicy Perspective)Affogato al Cafe


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