Amp Up Your Grilling with These Marvelous Marinades

These marinades are a fantastic way to upgrade your meats and vegetables.  Marinating meat takes a little planning ahead of time, but is definitely worth it!  A good marinade not only adds more flavor to your meats, but depending on the cut, it can also make your meats more tender too.  Every chef has a great marinade in their culinary arsenal – add one of these fabulous marinades to yours!


Raspberry Rosemary Marinade (from The Yummy Life)Raspberry Rosemary Marinade


Balsamic Maple Marinade (from spicy ice cream)Balsamic Maple Marinade


Lemongrass, Chile, and Coconut Marinade (from The Enchanted Cook)Lemongrass, Chile, and Coconut Marinade


Spiced Lemon Yogurt Marinade (from Adora’s Box)Spiced Lemon Yogurt Marinade


Asian Garlic Ginger Marinade (from Tasty Trials)Garlic Ginger Marinade


Orange Lavender Marinade (from Cafe Nilson)Orange Lavender Marinade


Kumquat Caper Marinade (from Fried Wontons For You)Kumquat Caper Marinade


Ginger Lemon Soy Marinade (from Inspired2cook)Ginger Lemon Soy Marinade


Minted Lime Marinade (from Cooking with Michele)Minted Lime Marinade


Tequila Lime Marinade (from She Cooks He Cleans)Tequila Lime Marinade


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