Jamaican Recipes to Keep You Jammin’

Reggae Sumfest – the greatest Reggae show on earth – kicks off today in Jamaica!  This amazing festival brings together musicians from all around the world and to celebrate, here’s are a few classic Jamaican dishes to share with all of you!  These delicious recipes will have your taste buds dancing to a brand new beat in no time!

Jerk Pork (from Closet Cooking)

Jerk Chicken (from Choosy Beggars)

Escoveitch Fish (from Chef and Steward)

Fried Plantains (from What’s Cookin’ Chicago?)

Banana Fritters (from Roti n Rice)

Rice and Peas (from Girl Cooks World)

Beef Dumplings (from Big Flavors)

Kale and White Bean Patties (from Veggie Belly)

Roasted Pumpkin Soup (from My Kitchen Snippets)

Brown Stew Chicken (from That’s So Yummy)


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