10 Spiked Popsicles Worth the Hangover

A martini before noon may cause some heads to turn, but a frozen cocktail on a stick is a perfectly acceptable summertime treat–day or night! These “poptails” are inspired by your favorite alcoholic beverages, but are even more refreshing. So when the heat really becomes Sahara Desert-esque, grab some boozy popsicles and head to the pool.



Campari Citrus Popsicles from the kitchnCampari Citrus Popsicles



Citrus Aperol Popsicles from Bella EatsCitrus Aperol Popsicles


Mojito Popsicles from Blue Jean GourmetMojito Popsicles


Cosmo Popsicles from Bunny’s Warm OvenCosmo Popsicles



Corona Popsicles from live love pastaCorona Popsicles



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