Selecting Yummly Taste Preferences

Yummly Adds Tasty New Features

Once again you asked and we served. Hot and fresh to Yummly, we have some great new features for you!

Your Tastes in the FoodFinder: If you want your FoodFinder results to always reflect your Dislikes, Dietary preferences and/or Food Allergies, you can now set these options in your profile. Your selections will be automatically applied to the FoodFinder.

  • Select “Taste Preferences” from the drop-down menu under your Yummly display name
Selecting Yummly Taste Preferences
  • At the bottom of the “My Taste” pane, select how you would like your tastes applied in the FoodFinder and remember to Save!

Meet Your ‘TasteBuds’: Find your Facebook friends on Yummly or browse TasteBuds that are similar to you.
  • On the TasteBuds page (clickable from the top menu bar), you can “Find TasteBuds” and “Invite Friends”
  • When you click on either of these buttons, if you’re not already connected on Yummly through Facebook, you’ll be prompted to log in with Facebook to find your Facebook friends that are already on Yummly.
    • “Find TasteBuds” will display a list of your Facebook friends that are already on Yummly.
    • “Invite Friends” will display a list of all of your Facebook friends and you can select who you want to invite to Yummly.

Enhanced Recommendations: get more delicious, taste-specific recommendations based on your own Recommendation page.

  • Access a new page dedicated to recipe recommendations from Yummly and from your TasteBuds. You can access your recommendations page here.
  • You can see the recipes that Yummly recommends based on your tastes or click the “Your TasteBuds” button to see what your TasteBuds have favorited that meet your taste preferences.
  • Remember: the more you rate and favorite recipes and update your taste profile, the more Yummly learns about what you like and don’t like.

Import Your Recipes: Import your recipe box from other sites and bring your entire collection together.

  • From your Yummly profile page (link requires log in), click the button to “Import Your Recipes” under your profile photo.
  • Choose the recipe site you wish to import from (we’ll add more soon!).
  • Enter the information necessary to access your recipe box on those sites and click “Continue”.
  • Recipes from your recipe box on those sites will appear in your Yummly Favorites. (Note: They may not show up immediately.)

We continue to work on new features and improve existing ones based on the terrific feedback we’ve received from the growing Yummly community. We want to make Yummly a destination that serves you in ways that make sense to you. Please keep sending us your ideas on how to make Yummly better here or through our support email.